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Weekly Economic Update

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Something I have done before is keep you updated on economic developments and thoughts in the industry in an email newsletter format. Going forward I am going to start posting here, and include links via a newsletter to these and others.  This way, you can come to the website and read any time, without having to search for email, and you can easily pass this on to anyone whom you believe would find this of value.

So… Whats going on?

This week we will discuss information from Fidelity’s Capital Markets group. (tip: click on the individual graphics to view them full size)

 The Big Picture

Are we looking at a looming economic slowdown?  Don’t be surprised if the European recession spills over.

There are 4 things you may be concerned about.

  • Equity market volatility
  • Potentially rising inflation & interest rates
  • Government  debt and the fiscal cliff
  • Finding yield (interest) in a low rate environment

Tech Bubble 2.0?

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If you are reading this online, then it is reasonable to believe you are aware of the Facebook IPO drama all around us. Be it on on financial news websites, or even CNN or Drudge Report, the headlines are all about Facebook, in particular the pending lawsuits against anyone involved, and the drama of being down 15% in a matter of days if you purchased the stock in the initial offering, or more if you bought it on first day of trading.

New Estate Planning Considerations for our Era

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In the new generation of society, where life is no longer 2.5 children in a suburban home with a white picket fence, green shutters, and a Buick Skylark in the driveway, unfortunately many people’s idea of estate, or what I love to refer to as “oh crap” planning, is still based on 50 year old principles.

Buick Skylark Surprised I know what a Buick Skylark is right? No no, not going to bring up the ugly duckling of the 80’s. Here are some questions though. Who has specified in their planning what happens to all of their pictures and documents on Facebook? If something were to happen to you tomorrow, what would happen to your pets? Are you taking care of your elderly parents? What considerations have you put in place for that?

Here are 3 estate planning considerations that should be looked into with your financial professional.

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