Financial Solutions

Financial Planning is about your life.

What do you want to do with your life?  Retire early? Purchase a vacation home you’ve always dreamed of?  Send your children or grandchildren through college?  Start that business that you were always researching? Create a legacy for the future generations?  Or most of all, retire with financial dignity.

Let us help.

Through the process, we will listen to where you want to be, find out where you are right now, and show you what to do to get there.

Below are a few areas of financial planning we specialize in.

Creating a Financial Plan

It all starts here.  A personal financial plan, tailored to your unique position and your goals.  Your plan, is the blueprint document to get you to where you want to be.

Asset Management

Whether you are in the accumulation, or distribution stage in life, we help you manage your money.  Most of all, we want to make sure your money is aligned with your goals. We do this by making sure your money is not taking on more risk than what is needed for you to get to your goals.

Protection Planning

No matter how good your plan is, or how much you have accumulated, just as any mansion can be destroyed in seconds by an unexpected event, the same can happen with your money.  One of the most important concepts of financial planning is making sure you are protected from: unexpected job loss, premature death, an unforeseen disability causing you to miss work, or the need for long term care.  How are the current changes in the health industry affecting your unique financial position?

Legacy Planning

In the event of death, your money can go one of three places, your beneficiaries and loved ones, charities, or the government.  Even though you may have your own wishes, if they are not properly written and described, the government has a plan of their own.  We help you live your retirement with dignity, knowing that your wishes will be respected, and your hard earned legacy will be going to the ones you love.






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