Planning Process

Our process is focused on you.

Your plan is uniquely yours. For that reason, you will find that our planning process revolves around your needs, wants, and desires. For that reason, your client experience consists of four vital steps.


We take the time to listen to you and understand your financial needs and goals. From this understanding, we can work to formulate financial solutions to help you pursue financial objectives.


We will draw upon our worldwide network of resources to analyze the information, and provide you written financial planning recommendations that align with your goals and needs.


At this point, we will present to you your financial plan, provide you with an analysis of your current situation, and multiple options that will get you to your goals. We will help you determine the most appropriate solution, and implement it for you.


If there is one thing that can be guaranteed, it would be change.  For that reason, not only do we keep you informed of your portfolio’s performance on a periodic basis, but we review your strategy to make sure it is still aligned with your goals, and any changes in your personal situation.


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