What Makes a Good Investment?

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Often times I have discussions with people and the conversation turns to the topic o f what makes a good investment?  Now we are not talking about trading stocks, where you really do not look at the company but rather the way the company’s stock trades.  What we are talking about is the old fashioned way of picking investments.  We are talking about the Warren Buffet way of investing.   Investing in the company that you love and understand.  A company which you would be happy to invest in and hold for the long term.

One of the companies that I have long followed is Blackberry (BBRY).  As part of my own due diligence, I follow the company news and events, and communicate with other investors.   One such community of professionals is SeekingAlpha. After being inspired by a few members, I decided to submit an article and it was chosen by the editors to be published!  Even though I have spoken at various conferences, this is the first time I have been published outside of this very blog or the bi-weekly email newsletters.

Instead of detailing broad outlines of how you may go about selecting your investments,  you can read about my thought process, on why BBRY is a stock that I personally own.

BBRY Article on Seeking Alpha


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